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Any issue with Learning System, Please contact us.

If you experience any issues with the Learning System or have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Email - Quicker way to get the answer from customer support,

TEL 408-977-0250 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Pacific time - You may have some waiting time. Please be patient.


 The Learning System has a very user friendly interface and we have very few customers who need a help on "how to use" this product because of that.

The installation of this product is very brief, consisting only of the creation of a desk top icon for our user's convenience. 

Learning System FAQ & Interesting educational tidbits:

1. What is the Learning System? How can my children benefit from using this product?
The Learning System includes complete tutorials of all of the standard subjects taught in public classrooms, intended to act as a supplemental tool for students. Additionally this software functions as an accessory to each student’s unique learning style; tutorials are given for each subject enhanced with colorful images for visual learners, text, and narration for audio learners. Such an approach serves to encourage not only students who seek a little bit more help with their studies, but also those students who may have learning disabilities by providing an alternative of experiencing all three forms of learning in audio, video, and reading. It is a modern way to benefit every student.

 Each subject also provides a quiz for students and parents to monitor the progress through out the learning experience. Each title that we provide can be found on this website once you click the icon of the product that you wish to learn more about. This product is ideally used as supplemental materials for your child’s school work, or as an aid in home schooling.

2. Is the Learning system a collection of different software?
No. Learning System’s titles were developed by our company. In this, the varying subjects contained within the Learning System will all operate on the same, user-friendly engine that your students will grow well-acquainted to instantly. With such a complete system, students will not have to learn how to individually use each software title, but rather will be greeted with a reliable source of information that will follow mostly the same format. Your student will not have to put time and effort into learning how to use many different types of software.

3. Does the box include many CD-ROMs?
No. These titles are stored in high capacity DVD-ROMs which can hold up to 10 or 20 times more content than a regular CD-ROM is capable of. The Learning System is integrated so that all subjects will automatically start running from the software’s central command menu. Students will not require exchanging CD-ROMs for each subject, providing more time to concentrate on learning.

4. Will these titles be compatible with my older computer? I put in the disc, but nothing seems to happen.
Please make sure that you have a DVD drive. Most of our products, and the Learning System itself, require that you have a DVD-drive. Only jewel-case products and a select few others will function in your CD drive. The benefits of using a DVD-ROM are that they can hold up to10 to 20 times more content than a single CD-ROM. It was our decision to use DVD-ROM technology in place of CD-ROM, because of the fact that it would be easier for our users to move through subjects without having to exchange CD-ROMs to move through titles.

 A DVD drive is available at your local computer store at around $30.00. Please make sure that you have a DVD-Drive already with your computer as specified in our system requirements.

The Learning System is made for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Mac OS X. If you have an older version of Windows, these titles may not work depending on the configuration of your operating system. We can no longer support Windows 98 and ME (or NT).

5. Will my DVD-ROM be compatible with my DVD player?
A DVD-ROM disc is not a DVD movie. You will be unable to use it in your DVD player. It is a common misconception that they are the same type of disc. A DVD-ROM requires a computer with DVD-drive. However, some of our products will be compatible with your DVD player, such as the Student Home Learning System, which will be compatible with both your computer and your DVD player.

6. What is does "iPod enabled" mean?
Some of the subjects included in the Learning System were also made to to be compatible with your iPod. You must have either an iPod nano or 5G 9 Video. You can load most of the subjects into your iPod and listen to the narrations, as well as view images that will be displayed on your iPod screen.

7. Having so many subjects, how can I keep track of which one my child has completed successfully?The Learning System has a feature for progress reports which are built into the software itself. Each report is recorded as the student finishes the tutorials, Q & A session, and will keep score. Parents can review the progress that each student is making by monitoring at this report.

8.  Do I need any programs downloaded from internet?
Most of program needed to run the Learning System are installed in Vista or Windows XP as well as Mac OS X. In case for some reason you encounter that some of programs do not run, A good chance that you need to reinstall the following free drivers; Quick time from, Flash form Occasionally, Shockwave driver is corrupted and it causes an error message. You can simply download and install new drivers from

Some Interesting educational tidbits & articles:
It used to be believed that boys were achieving more in the field of mathematics than girls. A myth even developed that lead to a stereotype, in which it was speculated that boys were more likely to be better at math than girls were. Now, girls are proving that stereotype incorrect! This year in the Math Olympiad, only girls are the competitors! See the articles, courtesy of the San Jose Mercury news for August 10th 2007.


Tech Support Contact

Tech support email: For much quicker responses please email for your technical inquiries. Instant responses are frequent.

Tech support service line: (Be aware of the probability of a very long waiting time) 408_977_0250

1. The early version for 2008, a last 2 sections of multiply may cause an error message. If you see this error message, please download the patch from

Multiply patch

This is a small file and you can unzip it and run immediately as the replacement for this section.

2. If you start having a problem downloading iPod contents from Learning System on Vista, it is due to some change in Vista's Java area. You can get around this issue by downloading a small file from

Also, please attention to the setting on itune below.

When you go to send the titles to your iPod, be sure that in the iPod Settings in your iTunes tabs, that Enable Disk Use and Manually Manage Music buttons are checked, and hit apply.  After that try to upload a title to the iPod again from the Mastering Elementary and Mastering Middle School Menus.

 If you were receiving an error when sending the titles to your iPod, that should resolved most problems.

If you are not sure where the these buttons are, here is how to find them. Within iTunes with your iPod connected, you will see it in the left hand column (also called the Side-Bar).  Click on the iPod icon to bring up the summary window in iTunes, and at the bottom of the summary tab window, you will find the options for your ipod mentioned above.

3. If you start having a problem seeing the video screen in some of video titles using Vista Windows station, this is due to known cause in some of vista station (not all Vista stations have this problem);

You can easily avoid this issue by setting "Compatible Mode" at start-up icon. Click right mouse button on the start-up icon, and open "property", and select "compatibility" setting tab. You set compatible mode ON, this setting is recorded in your Vista station and it works even after you restart your computer next time. Video will play once the compatibility mode is set.



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