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Mastering Elementary & Middle School Math is an excellent way to help students of all levels succeed in math. Dynamic audio and video powered lessons make learning fun and facilitate understanding core math concepts.

Grade 1-8 Unique multi-sensory, multimedia approach accelerates learning.
  • Improves standardized test scores
  • Helps build math confidence
  • Keeps students from falling behind
  • Increases math retention and success rates
  • Helps prepare students for high school

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: Windows® Vista or XP, 2000, DVD Drive, Sound System. Min. Res.: 1024 x 768

Mac OS X, DVD Drive, No Disk Space Required, No Installation Required, Sound System, Min. Res.: 1024 x 768

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Weekly Reader Magazines make learning fun and help teachers meet standards with students in grades Pre-K-12. These award- winning periodicals cover social studies, English/language arts, science, reading (at or below grade level), health, and career development.

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