• OVER 43 hours of Multimedia Presentations
• OVER 4,500 Interactive Questions & Answers
• Print test sheets to monitor your student's progress
• OVER 9.5 HOURS of video

The Microscope    What is Science?

Physical Science
Electricity & Magnetism
Simple Machines

What is Physics?

What is Biology?

What is Chemistry?

Life Science
Plants & Animals
Cell Biology I & II
Plant Anatomy
The Five Kingdoms of Life
Ecology I & II
Life Science Patterns

Earth Science
Earthquakes & Mountains
Weather & Climate
The Amazing Coral Reef
The Earth
What is Earth Science?
The Oceans
Biomes I & II
Earth’s Natural Resources

The Solar System
Stars & Planets
A Closer Look at Earth (Video)
A Closer Look at the Moon (Video)
A Closer Look at the Planets (Video)
A Closer Look at the Sun & Stars (Video)
The Inner Planets
The Outer Planets
The Universe
The Earth, Moon & Space

Bones & Muscles / Nervous System
Heart & Blood / Digestion & Respiration
Our Five Senses (Video)
Food & Nutrition (Video)
Tooth Wisdom: Your Teeth & How to Take Care of Them (Video)
Rainy Day Recess: Primary Grades (Video)
Rainy Day P.E.: Primary Grades (Video)
Keeping Clean: Handwashing for Health (Video)

Let's Explore: Down by the Water (Video)
Let's Explore: Around the Farm (Video)
Let's Explore: In the City (Video)
Let's Explore: In the Woods (Video)

Isaac Asimov’s Library of the Universe
Space Exploration
Space Speculation

• OVER 36 hours of Multimedia Presentations
• OVER 4,950 Interactive Questions & Answers
• Print test sheets to monitor your student's progress
• OVER 2.5 HOURS of video

U.S. History
Becoming a Nation
Covered Wagons & the Westward Expansion
Expanding Our Nation
Exploring & Colonizing
Staying One Nation
Jacksonian Democracy
The Civil War – Two Views
The American West
The Great Depression
U.S. Government (1783 -1865)
U.S. Government (1783 -1977)
Foreign Policy (1788 -1933)
Foreign Policy (1933-1963)
Social Reform Movements

Video Presentations
Native Americans: The First Peoples
Early Explorers: The Age of Discovery
Early Settlers: The Era of Colonization
Pioneers: The American Frontier
Plymouth Plantation
The Oregon Trail
Social Reform Movements
Native Americans
Civil War
Founding of Our Federal Government
Washington, D.C.
This is Our Government
This is Our Country
Immigration to the United States: American Heritage Series
Presidents' Day: Washington & Lincoln
U.S. Symbols
U.S. Celebrations
Columbus Day

World History
Cradles of Civilization
The Stone Age
Mesopotamian Civilizations
Egyptian Civilization
Babylonians, Phoenicians,
Assyrians & Persians
Columbus & the Age of Discovery
The French Revolution
Religions of the World
The Scientific Revolution
The Industrial Revolution
The Greek & Roman World

World History: European
The Thirty Years' War
The Rise & Fall of the British Empire
The Making of the German Nation

World History: The Nineteenth Century
19th Century Nationalism
The Napoleonic Era
The Victorian Era
The 1848 Revolutions
The Ideas of Karl Marx

World History: The Twentieth Century
Causes of World War I
Causes of World War II
Fascist Dictatorships 
20th Century Nationalism
The Russian Revolution

• OVER 7.5 hours of Multimedia Presentations
• OVER 1,220 Interactive Questions & Answers
• Print test sheets to monitor your student's progress
• OVER 6 HOURS of video

Alaska & Hawaii
Florida: The Sunshine State
Texas: The Lone Star State
The Land & Its People
The Midwest
The Northeast
The Rockies
The Southeast
The Southwest
The West

Video Presentations
The Western Region: People & Heritage
The Western Region: Environment
The Southwest Region: People & Heritage
The Southwest Region: Environment
The Midwest Region: People & Heritage
The Midwest Region: Environment
The Southeast Region: People & Heritage
The Southeast Region: Environment
The Northeast Region: People & Heritage
The Northeast Region: Environment

Civic Units
Examine the Relationship Between Cities, Counties & States
Define Geographical Regions & Boundaries

Global Problems
Industrialization, Pollution & Global Warming
Rainforests, the Ozone Layer & Disturbing the Water Cycle
Renewable & Nonrenewable Resources

Natural & Manmade Wonders
The Wonders of the World
Mountain Ranges
Weathering & Erosion
Rivers, Waterfalls & Lakes Ecosystems
Ancient Wonders Still Standing
Industrial Wonders

Soil & Vegetation
Survey Soil Classification & Erosion
Examine Vegetative Regimes & Soil Management Techniques

Themes of Geography
Study Culture, Language, Religion, Diffusion & Assimilation
Define Location, Place, Relationships Within a Place, Movement & Region

• OVER 10 hours of Multimedia TUTORIALS

Elementary School Math
Basic Math
Addition Review
Subtraction Review

Beginning Math
Charts & Graphs

Simple Multiplication
Multiplication Symmetric Table
Multi-digit Multiplication

Division Basics
Long & Short Division

Basic Concepts
Decimals & Mixed Numbers
Multiplication of Fractions
Division of Fractions

Middle School Math
Algebraic Rules
Real Numbers & Number Systems

Algebra I
Equations     Functions
Inequalities & Equations
Introduction to Advanced Algebra

Terminology     Area
Theorems          Solid Volume

High School Math
Algebra II
Solving Linear Equations, Matrix
Quadratic Equations
Polynomial Functions
Circle, Ellipse & Hyperbola
Exponential & Logarithmic Functions

Basic Trigonometric Function
Graph of Trigonometric Function
Polar Coordinates

Limit & Infinity
Slope – Rate of Change
Advanced Subjects in Calculus

Advanced Math
Basic Statistics – What is Statistics?
Average, Variability, Standard Deviation

Basic Probability
Sampling Theory
Independent/Dependent Events
Conditional Probability

Computer Skills (Excel**)
Basic Spread Sheets
Statistical Data Handling
Reporting & Presentation

JAVA Programming
Basic Syntax
Hands on Practice
The First Program

**Excel is the registered trademark of MicroSoft Inc.

Video Learning System
• 35 titles
• Over 11 hours
• 7 DVDs + mp4 Videos

U.S. Government 1
• Federal Government: Executive Branch
• Federal Government: Judicial Branch
• Federal Government: Legislative Branch
• Moving to America: Then & Now
• This is Our World

War and a new nation
• Events Leading to: The Revolutionary War
• War and a New Nation: The Revolutionary War
• Causes of The Civil War
• The Expedition of Lewis and Clark
• United States Expansionism

Landforms and rocks
• Geographical Features: Landforms I
• Geographical Features: Landforms II
• Rocks: Solid Earth Materials I
• Rocks: Solid Earth Materials II
• Uses of Rocks and Minerals

Water and weathering
• Geographical Features: Bodies of Water
• The Importance of Water
• The Water Cycle
• Weather: Changes and Measurement
• Weathering and Erosion

Resources and matter
• The Four Seasons
• Learning About Our Natural Resources
• Taking Care of Our Earth
• Common Properties of Matter
• Changes in the Properties of Matter

• The Desert Habitat
• The Forest Habitat
• Tropical Rainforest Habitats
• The Ocean Habitat: Shoreline and Reef
• The Ocean Habitat: Light and Dark Zones

Laws of physics 1
• Newton’s Laws of Motion
• Getting to Know Gravity
• Getting to Know Energy
• Getting to Know Electricity
• Getting to Know Soil

mp4 Videos
Works with MP4 players including iPod Video® and PSP®
• Civil War
• Founding of Our Federal Government
• Pioneers: The American Frontier
• The Western Region - Environment
• Washington D.C.

iPod Video is the registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. PSP is the registered trademark of Sony Corporation.

• over 21 hours of Multimedia Presentations
• over 2,895 Interactive Questions & Answers
• Print test sheets to monitor your student's progress
• over 1.5 HOURS of video

8 Parts of Speech (Video)

Treasure Island
• Develop Sensory Writing Skills
• Develop Descriptive Writing Skills

Robinson Crusoe
• Develop Analytical Writing Skills
• Develop Expository Writing Skills
• Learn to Express Ideas & Arguments
• Explain a Point of View Through Facts, Transition Words & Phrases

Greek Mythology I & II
• Learn About Popular Greek Characters Including: Orpheus, Jason, King Midas,
Hercules, Ulysses, Icarus, Helen of Troy & Perseus
• Study Greek Myths & Legends

Understanding Short Fiction
• Explore the Development of the American Short Story
• Survey the Subjects & Themes of Short Story Writers
• Examine the Principle Elements of Fiction

Understanding Poetry
• Recognize the Elements of Poetic Form
• Examine the Meaning of a Poem

Understanding Biographies: Learn to Research & Write:
• Historical Biographies
• Literary Biographies
• Scientific Biographies

Understanding Drama
• Explore Theater as a Literary Form & Performance Art
• Examine Elements of Dramatic Structure?
• Survey all Dramatic Forms: Tragedy, Drama, Comedy, Melodrama, Farce
• Reveal Challenges of Writing for the Stage

How to Write Reports & Personal Letters (Video)
• Rules of Punctuation (Video)

World Literature
Writing Series I: From the Classics to Great Themes
• Examine Great Literary Themes & Learn to Appreciate Literature

Writing Series II: Short Story Writing
• Trace the Development of the Short Story as a Form of Literature

Women in Literature I: Heroines, Sirens, Shrews
• Study the Historic Portrayal of Women in Literature

Women in Literature II: Novelists, Playwrights, Poets
• Follow the Changing Roles of Women in Literature from the Early 18th Century to the 1960's

The Ancient World to The Renaissance
• Survey European Literature from the Ancient Middle East to the Italian & Northern Renaissance

The Enlightenment to The Twentieth Century
• Explore European Literature from the Age of Reason to WWII

American Literature
Time, Life & Works of Henry David Thoreau
• Trace the Life & Career of the Transcendentalist Author of Walden

Time, Life & Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne
• Understand the Literary Contributions Made by Hawthorne, the Author of The Scarlet Letter

Time, Life & Works of Ernest Hemingway
• Discover How Hemingway's Writing Style Captured Themes of Love, Courage & Warfare

A Literary History: Common Sense to The Last of the Mohicans
• Explore Literature from the Colonial Era to the Mid-Nineteenth Century

A Literary History: Little Women to The Call of the Wild
• Survey Works by the Greatest 19th Century Writers Including Dickinson & Poe

A Literary History: The Jungle to The Grapes of Wrath
• Trace America's Literary Heritage from the Turn of the Century to the Beginning of WWII

A Literary History: Catch 22 to The Color Purple
• Examine the Poetry & Prose Published During the 40 Years Following WWII

English Literature
Time, Life & Works of Charles Dickens
• Discover How Dickens Used his Writings to Expose Social Injustice During the Victorian Era

Time, Life & Works of Thomas Hardy
• Understand the Major Themes of Hardy's Novels & Poems

Time, Life & Works of William Wordsworth
• Gain Insight to the Images, Moods & Themes of Wordsworth's Poetry

Time, Life & Works of Shakespeare
• Examine the Life & Works of the Famous Playwright & Poet

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
• Study the Duality of Human Nature & the Perilous Threat Evil Poses When it Has Become Separated From Good

Time, Life & Works of Geoffrey Chaucer
• Trace How Chaucer Chronicled the Manners/Morals of 14th Century England in Canterbury Tales

A Literary History: Lyrical Ballads to Silas Marner
• Explore British Literature from the Advent of Romanticism to the Early Victorian Era

A Literary History: The War of the Worlds to Brave New World
• Learn How Writers of the Late Victorian Period & Early 20th Century Broke New Artistic Ground

Audio Books
Learning System

Learn on the go with over 100 hours of Audio Books

Geography (Over 6 hours)
• Alaska & Hawaii   
• The American West
• The Northeast     
• The Southwest
• Florida               
• Texas
• The Midwest       
• The Rockies
• The West
• The Land & its People

History (Over 32 hours)
• 19th Century Nationalism
• 20th Century Nationalism
• Becoming a Nation
• Causes of World War II
• Columbus
• Cradles of Civilization
• Expanding Our Nation
• Exploring & Colonizing
• Fascist Dictatorships
• Foreign Policy (1933-1963)
• Jacksonian Democracy
• Reconstruction
• Religions of the World
• Social Reform
• Social Reform Movements
• Staying One Nation
• The Enlightenment
• The Scientific Revolution
• The Thirty Years' War
• The Victorian Era
• The War of the Worlds
• U.S. Government (1783-1977)
• Westward Expansion
• World War I
• World War II
• Imperialism
• The Renaissance
• The Civil War - Two Views
• The French Revolution
• The Great Depression
• The Greek & Roman World
• The Industrial Revolution
• The Making of the German Nation
• The Napoleonic Era
• The Rise & Fall of the British Empire
• The Russian Revolution

Literature (Over 21 hours)
• Catch 22 - The Color Purple
• Charles Dickens
• Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
• Ernest Hemingway
• From the Classics to Great Themes
• Geoffrey Chaucer
• Greek Mythology I
• Greek Mythology II
• Henry David Thoreau
• Heroines, Sirens & Shrews
• Little Women - The Call of the Wild
• Lyrical Ballads - Silas Marner
• Nathaniel Hawthorne
• Novelists, Playwrights & Poets
• Robinson Crusoe
• Shakespeare
• Short Story Writing
• The Jungle - The Grapes of Wrath
• Thomas Hardy
• Treasure Island
• The Last of the Mohicans
• Understanding Biographies
• Understanding Drama
• Understanding Poetry
• Understanding Short Fiction
• William Wordsworth

Science (Over 45 hours)
• Animals           
• Biomes II
• Cell Biology I    
• Biochemistry II
• Botany            
• Cell Biology II
• Ecology I        
• Ecology II
• Evolution         
• Heredity
• Ecosystems      
• Genetics
• Earth's Natural Resources
• Isaac Asimov's Astronomy
• Isaac Asimov's Space Speculation
• Life Science Patterns
• Oceanography
• Plant Anatomy
• Plants & Animals
• Plants
• The Amazing Coral Reef
• The Earth
• The Five Kingdoms of Life
• The Inner Planets
• The Microscope
• The Oceans
• The Outer Planets
• The Solar System
• The Universe
• What is Biology?
• What is Chemistry?
• What is Earth Science?
• What is Physics?
• What is Science?

Merriam-Webster Dictionaries

Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary & Thesaurus, Deluxe Audio Edition

Dictionary Take charge of today’s language with access to 225,000 definitions.
Thesaurus Zero in on the right word with over 340,000 synonyms and antonyms.
Easy Installation Installs quickly onto your hard drive for instant access anytime—including from Microsoft Word.
Audio pronunciations Including variant pronunciations by real voices.
21 search options More ways than any other dictionary to search for the right word.
Go online Link to a vast array of Web-based resources.

Merriam-Webster’s Spanish-English Dictionary

Search options include:
Entry word is…
Defining text contains…
Verbal illustration contains…
Function label is…
Usage note contains…
Installs quickly onto your hard drive for instant access anytime.
Go Online feature links to a vast array of Web-based resources.
Bilingual Easily search for English definitions of Spanish words or Spanish definitions of English words.

Merriam-Webster’s Medical Desk Dictionary

Search options include:
Entry word is…
Defining text contains…
Verbal illustration contains…
Function label is…
Usage note contains…
Comprehensive Over 59,000 entries and 42,000 audio pronunciations explain today's most widely used health-care terms.
Practical More than 8,000 example phrases show how words are used in context.
Authoritative Unmatched quality from the reference experts at Merriam-Webster.

Encyclopędia Britannica 2006 Standard Edition

Encyclopędia Britannica Standard Edition 2006 DVD-ROM features authoritative articles from Encyclopędia Britannica covering art, history, geography, technology, pop culture, and more. With extra features such as Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary & Thesaurus, World Atlas, timelines and much more, it’s a comprehensive resource for the home, school, or office. Thousands of photographs, illustrations, multimedia, and over 167,000 editorially selected links to Internet sites, online magazines, and videos bring the content to life.