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Innovative Knowledge Introduces Breakthrough Line of “Weekly Reader”

Educational Software, Content and Technology for All Grade Levels


“Mastering Elementary School,” “Mastering Middle School” and

“Mastering High School” Designed for Mac, PC, iPod and Nano Programs


San Jose, Ca. – August 14, 2007 – Innovative Knowledge, a leading San Jose-based educational software developer, introduces a breakthrough series of educational software for all grade levels from pre-school to high school and SAT math preparation.  Developed to help students with reading, writing, arithmetic and the sciences, the new software titles, in association with the Weekly Reader Corporation, include “Mastering Elementary School,” “Mastering Middle School,” and “Mastering High School.”   Designed to operate on Mac and PC operating systems, the software can be downloaded to an iPod or Nano for easy access at school, in the library, or at home.


The “Mastering” series of educational software is based on Innovative Knowledge’s breakthrough learning process called The Learning System, a family of educational support software, features a proprietary “multi-sensory” approach that helps students learn faster and more effectively.  According to Mike Rothstein, president and co-founder of Innovative Knowledge, the programs engage and involve students on multiple levels using




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interactive questions cutting edge graphics, video and audio.  “It’s a method that has proven extremely effective in teaching all kinds of students from the learning disabled to the gifted,” Rothstein said.


Each title in The Learning System provides fast, easy access to lessons by way of a single menu, saving time and enabling more efficient learning.  All lessons share a consistent look and feel, eliminating the need to learn different menus and navigational techniques.  What’s more, progress can be precisely monitored by students and parents through exams presented after each lesson which can be printed out or taken directly on the computer.


The Learning System evolved directly from the childhood experiences and struggles of Rothstein, who was not responding well to the traditional presentation of education and was considered a poor or backward student.  “It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with dyslexia that my parents realized my inabilities weren’t my fault.  Things changed dramatically when they hired a tutor who employed multi-sensory teaching.  I have now brought this tremendously effective learning technique to our software, which students, or anyone, can use at home or on the go,” Rothstein said.


Innovative Knowledge, through an alliance with the Weekly Reader Corporation, creates and distributes a wide array of top selling educational, productivity and reference software. “Our programs were developed from a deep knowledge of technology and software which we applied to education to create stimulating, enlightening, encouraging and satisfying learning experiences,” Rothstein said.  “In addition, the content is available to the students no matter where they are via iPod, mobile computer, desktop, CD, and DVD,” he added.



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The Learning System’s family of educational software includes:

  • Preparing for Kindergarten
  • Mastering Elementary School
  • Mastering Middle School
  • Mastering High School
  • Preschool Series:  Getting Started in Math
  • Mastering Elementary & Middle School Math
  • Mastering High School Math & the SAT



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Background on Innovative Knowledge

Innovative Knowledge is a division of Fogware Publishing which is an established CD-ROM publisher of fine brands including Merriam-Webster and YM.  Innovative Knowledge sells its products through leading distributors and retailers nationwide, including, Sam’s Club, Fry’s Electronics, Best Buy, Circuit City, Office Depot, Staples, Office Max, Borders, CompUSA, J&, FedExKinkos, Borders and, among others. Innovative Knowledge’s family of educational software is also available on



For more information contact:           James Korenchen (505) 797-6671

                                                            Tom Tanno (808) 907-9950


 San Jose, CA 95112.  The company’s website is

Mike Rothstein
Fogware Publishing

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