Innovative Knowledge and Weekly Reader to donate Educational Software to Schools

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) May 25, 2008 -- To support learning in and out of the classroom, Weekly Reader Corporation, a leading publisher of classroom magazines and educational supplements, and Innovative Knowledge, a leading San Jose-based educational software developer, have teamed up to provide its popular Weekly Reader: Mastering series of educational software to schools free-of-charge. If a student purchases the software, Weekly Reader and Innovative Knowledge will donate a single user installation to the student's school.

"Weekly Reader's educational software is developed to support classroom curriculums and improve the learning process among students of all grade levels and learning stages," said Michael Rothstein, president and co-founder of Innovative Knowledge. "It's our goal to help students learn more effectively and improve their comprehension. Through our research, we determined that supplemental learning needs to complement teaching and are providing schools with our breakthrough learning process based on the interest from their students."

The donation of educational software to schools is particularly timely as more supplemental educational material and software is purchased between December and February than any other months of the year to assist students who may have had a challenging first semester, according to Rothstein.

The Weekly Reader: Mastering series of educational software incorporates "The Learning System," a proprietary multi-sensory approach to learning, in its software. It is designed to engage and involve students on multiple levels using interactive questions, cutting-edge graphics, and video and audio. The text is accompanied by background audio which helps students read along and improves their reading comprehension and speed. The animation and video also helps to increase their attention span and provides a multi-sensory approach that can make the learning process more interesting and enjoyable.

The educational software that is being donated to schools includes: Weekly Reader: Preparing for Kindergarten; Weekly Reader: Mastering Elementary School; Weekly Reader: Mastering Middle School; Weekly Reader: Mastering High School; Weekly Reader Preschool Series: Getting Started in Math; Weekly Reader: Mastering Elementary & Middle School Math; and Weekly Reader: Mastering High School Math & the SAT.

Developed to support classroom activities, but designed for use in the library or at home, the software can be downloaded to an iPod or Nano and operates on both the Mac and PC operating systems for use with mobile and desktop computers, and CD and DVD drives. Parents and students can purchase the Weekly Reader: Mastering series at retailers nationwide including Target, Fry's Electronics, Office Depot, Office Max, Micro Center, Apple Stores, J&,, and at The software ranges between $19.95 and $29.95 per title.

Background on Innovative Knowledge
Innovative Knowledge is a division of Fogware Publishing which is an established CD-ROM publisher of fine brands including Merriam-Webster and Weekly Reader. Innovative Knowledge sells its products through leading distributors and retailers nationwide.

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