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The Visual Guides: Weather

Explore the powerful forces that create the weather

For thousands of years, weather has been a powerful force influencing culture, religion, economics and more. Now Through The Visual Guide to Weather, you can discover all about the mysterious forces that create our weather.

What is the difference between the El Nino and La Nina weather patterns? What drives the howling sandstorms of the Sahara? Why are the ice sheets disappearing for polar bears? How does air pollution help create the Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming?

Through brilliant graphics, detailed diagrams and dynamic video, you'll find the answers to these and many more questions in the Visual Guide to Weather

The Visual Guide to the Weather takes you on an
unforgettable exploration of the mysteries of the weather.

• Learn how the weather in one area affects other areas as it constantly flows around the world.

• Discover why unique weather patterns create tornados only in certain parts of the world at certain times.

• Detailed diagrams show you how different kinds of air pollution affect the environment and impact weather patterns.

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