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Planetarium: Platinum Edition

The perfect way to start your exploration of outer space


Join Isaac Asimov on an incredible journey through the universe

The Inner Planets
• Explore our solar system’s “rocky planets,” discover why Venus is both the morning and evening star, and more.

The Outer Planets
• Discover the amazing features of the five mysterious planets farthest from the sun.

The Solar System
• Journey through the clouds of dust and gas that became our universe. Witness the explosion that created our sun and planets.

• Learn how Galileo revolutionized astronomy using the telescope; why contemporary astronomers now use radio telescopes, and more.

Space Speculation
• Analyze the universe and space theories through the eyes of interstellar explorers and scientists.

The Universe
• Unravel the mysteries of the universe by learning how planets and stars are formed.

Includes more than 4.5 hours of educational audio and brilliant video.

Windows: Windows ® Vista or XP, 2000, DVD Drive, Sound System. Min. Res.: 1024 x 768

Mac: Mac OS X, DVD Drive, No Disk Space Required, No Installation Required, Sound System, Min. Res.: 1024 x 768. Power PC or Intel CPU required.

iPod: (Isaac Asimov’s Library of the Universe only) Windows® Vista, XP, 2000, DVD Drive, iTunes 7 or later, Quicktime 7.1.1 or later.

Important note for Mac user : The Planetarium Software for Mac OS X included in this package is Stellarium 0.9.0, Universal. The executable and the source code are included for free distribution according to the GNU license guidelines. See details inside. Stellarium 0.9.0 for MAC OS X screenshots are not shown on this package.

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